EPIC Life Conference

How to Create & Live An Epic Life

3 day deep dive workshop where you'll leave with a unique blueprint, clarity and strategy for your Epic Life

Learn how the cycle of success eludes most people without them realizing it and how to recognize it and turn that around.

Epic Life - Defined:

1. Heroic journey derived from ancient tradition.

2. Unusual, extraordinary, massive, awesome.

An Epic Life is the ability to grow and change. It's experience of Being alive. In reality it's not the same for everyone... you'll have to make that choice for yourself.

What does living an epic life mean to you?

Sheevaun is very talented, clear and results driven. I'm happy to recommend her and her unique talents.

Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield

NY Times Best Selling Author of “Success Principles and Chicken Soup for the Soul series”

Working with Sheevaun has given me so much clarity, an increase in revenue and an alignment. She is someone you must work with if you're looking for fast, deep and lasting results.

Loral Langemeier

Loral Langemeier

Millionaire Maker and NY Times Best Selling Author

Sheevaun's work brings so much clarity, heart and alignment with the planet. She is stunning. The benefits are crucial for me and my endurance.

Lewis Pugh

Lewis Pugh

Maritime lawyer, ocean advocate and pioneer swimmer. He is often described as the "Sir Edmund Hillary of Swimming"

In order to leverage the inordinate power of the human mind & energy...

You must be clear on everything that is holding you back, AND what it takes to remove those blocks...

Imagine a circus Elephant. The zookeepers tie her to a post with a tiny rope when she is young. She soon learns that she CANNOT BREAK FREE of the tiny rope. The EXTENT OF THE ELEPHANT’S WORLD is determined by the length of the rope.

Then the Elephant grows into adulthood—she can easily snap the rope…But in her mind the rope is all too powerful. The Elephant is living in an imaginary prison.

You see… people have unlimited potential. There is nothing we can't achieve. We've simply been programmed not to struggle against the tiny imaginary rope that was placed around our neck as a child...

So the key is… to overcome these limiting beliefs and to Crush and Permanently Destroy All The Imaginary Limitations Holding us Back! And that's what Epic Life Conference! is all about.

Are you ready to cut that rope?

Basically what it comes down to is this: The Epic Life Conference! is aimed at people from all walks of life who are tired of struggling and getting in the way of their own success. They are now ready to remove those blocks, take their lives to the next level and create an Epic Life for themselves.

What are you doing to make sure you live an epic life?

This conference is for you IF…

You need clarity around your vision.

You want specific, tangible, tactical, processes that you can take and use successfully right away.

You are struggling with limiting beliefs and want to eliminate them once and for all.

You have had success and somehow lost your confidence, find yourself stuck and want to gain that confidence back.

You want to start a new career based on your true passions.

You seek higher truths and want to have success with authenticity and consciousness.

You have tried it all and nothing has worked...

Greater Complexity Outside Requires Greater Clarity Inside.

If you're like most people, you want to do absolutely everything you can to speed up the process of getting yourself to 6 figures or better, doing something you have a passion for.

The challenge is knowing exactly what speeds up that process... and avoiding the things that may actually be slowing it down or even preventing you from becoming successful.

Hi! I'm Sheevaun Moran and I've been answering those very questions for a LONG LONG time. In fact I've dedicated the last 15 years of my life to the profession of helping others, just like you, find those answers and create astonishing success for themselves.


During This 3 Day Workshop You Will Learn:

How to completely remove the Negative Scripts that have kept you shackled to mediocrity... Once and for all!

6 simple steps that you must take for smashing through any obstacle and creating an Epic Life.

How to discover the foundational purpose of your life. and align yourself with that purpose.

How To align yourself with that purpose and bring real satisfaction and success to your life.

How To Be Wildly successful at anything you put your mind to.

Why Not Living Up To Your Potential Is Actually Killing You.

Why most people cannot even remotely see opportunities even if they are staring right at them.

How to remove those blinders so you can see the abundance that is everywhere!

How to earn more while working less.

Anyone that has attended my conferences in the past will tell you I'm not your typical emotional hype conference. During this 3 day workshop, you'll be rolling up your sleeves with others and experiencing real transformation in your business and your life...

Epic Life Conference will help you:

Learn NEW ways to… Attract perfect clients

Do you even know who your perfect client is? I'll show you how to fill your pipeline with clients that are just right for you. No pie-in-the-sky theories or pipe dreams, just clear, tangable methods for attracting new business.

Discover your opposing beliefs

How can you attract prosperity if you have opposing or conflicting beliefs? I often run into people who have anti-money beliefs and don't even know it! The key to your success is to rid yourself of all of these. I'll show you how...

Take inspired action

Some people mistakenly think that the Laws of Attraction and Abundance do not require any action. These people are very mistaken. I'll show you how to take Inspired Action. The type of action that it's directed by your intuition and comes from your heart.

Build Your Network

Have you ever heard the saying "Show me your friends and I'll show you your future?" I'll show you how to build your network in a way that will not only propel you forward, but everyone else who surrounds you.

Discover and define your Life Purpose statement

I will personally help you to create a Life Purpose statement that can clarify what you truly want to do.


Epic life is unique for these reasons:


1My Mission

After seeing a lot of people frustrated, bewildered and feeling let down after an event... my mission is to provide you with an experience that will rock you, not just with music, but with life changing shifts. Your shift is one that matters deeply to me because without it you are still living a mediocre life. I care to hold a space and environment that you will be exhilarated and thrive in... so that you go home with your brain, body and business set up for Epic Mastery.



2Live at the mic TRANSFORMATION

Without interaction with the experts, you could go home with a lot of theory and possibility but not enough rubber to the road. I invite you come to the microphone where you'll have access to expert knowledge that will help accelerate your transformation. People have had breakthroughs in the first 5 hours after coming to the mic... resulting in earning new clients and income while they are still in the room. That's how fast things can shift!




3Structured Connection or What We Call "Connect-Working"

Have you ever been to events where you sit the entire time and only see the back of someone's head --or-- you meet a few people you have seen at other events but don't really get to connect? That's why we've always had our events created so that you have connection and collaboration time. Time to dive deeper into the content you just received, so that you actually go home and use it.



4Accountability and a Plan to keep you Moving Ahead

Isn't it frustrating to take tons of notes and then go home and not have any idea how to put those notes in action. Our event is structured so you are learning experientially. When you get the experience right there in the room you will never forget it. We also have coaches who will help you hold yourself accountable to your plan for Epic Mastery.





5Content Derived from Ancient Principles

Epic Life Conference is unique. While you're here you'll learn techniques derived from ancient principles that will give you more Energy, Time, Creativity, Clarity, Money, Influence and Impact. We give you tools and techniques to start with from the moment you commit to joining us.


This event is unlike any other you've attended.
No fluff. No bull. Just hundreds of hard-core tactics that are proven to work.

Our last event drew over 350 incredible attendees from all over the globe. This year's Workshop will bring even more amazing game-changers together to:


   Have an aligned business

   Form strategic alliances

   Implement ancient techniques that accelerate success

   Learn from the world's best


Hear What Others Are Saying

What others are saying.
A great story from a special person.
What does an event feel like?


Your Teachers Are Among The World's Best,
Most Well-Respected Coaches & Marketers.
They Will Be At Epic Life Conference! For ONE Sole Reason:

To Help You Live An Epic Life!

it's a secret

Thach Nguyen

CEO & Founder of Thach Real Estate Group, a Seattle-based real estate company, a seasoned investor and developer. View Details
mystery man

Josh Turner

Linked University was founded by me, Josh Turner. View Details

Jon Block

Over 5 years, award-winning speaker trainer Jon Block has personally guided over 500 visionary speaker-entrepreneurs to dramatically increase their revenue and social impact through the power of public speaking. View Details



June, 4th

630pm - 9:30pm
Check-In - Opening Party!

Friday and Saturday

June, 5th & 6th

9am – 9pm
Success Blueprint


June, 7th

9am – 2pm
General Session

Conference Venue

Hyatt Regency Long Beach

Long Beach, California


Epic Life Conference! will be held at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach Resort.

The ultimate combination of luxury and convenience is yours at one of the best beach front hotels in Los Angeles, CA. Boasting spectacular ocean views and lavish amenities, Hyatt Regency Long Beach is a unique urban retreat and is conveniently located in Long Beach at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach Resort 200 South Pine Ave, Ca 90802. We have secured a limited number of rooms under the conference block and have negotiated a phenomenal, greatly reduced rate of just $199/night.

lahotel1You are highly encouraged to secure your room now, before the event venue is sold out.

You'll enjoy the breathtaking water views of the beach, harbor or downtown city skyline, shopping, and peaceful surroundings.

lahotel4Be sure to pack your swimsuit as the weather will be picture perfect, and feel free to extend your stay either before or after the conference and take full advantage of the discounted rate.

To reserve your room under our block and receive our pre-negotiated rate, please click HERE or call the reservation line directly at 562 * 491 * 1234. Be sure to mention 'EPIC' when booking your room.



guarantee Sheevauns "Exceed Your Expectations" Guarantee

You have my FULL 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that Epic Life Conference! will exceed your expectations. If, by lunch on Friday, you have attended every presentation and actively applied what's taught as directed, and you do not feel that Epic Life Conference! has been worth every bit of your cost for admission, please pull me to the side during a break and let me know and I'll refund your money 100%.


This Conference will absolutely sell out, so I strongly encourage you to take action NOW. If you only attend one Self Enlightenment Conference this year, Epic Life Conference! is the event you absolutely need to be at. I promise that I'll help you take YOU and your business to the next level.

~Live Your Epic Life!

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